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Other Solar Products

Solar Cool Caps [SESCC01]
  • Caps attached with small solar panel and fan
  • Fan runs automatically when exposed to sunlight and cools the face
  • protection from sunlight and cool relief for the face while travelling in the sun
  • Ideal for people moving around in sunlight
  • Children will love the solar cool cap
Solar Garden Lights [ESSGL01]
  • No cabling needed, easy to install
  • Pole mounted, 3.5 FT height
  • protection from sunlight and cool relief for the face while travelling in the sun
  • Automatically charged by Sun Light during the day
  • Automatic Light On and Off- Dusk to Dawn
Solar Cookers [MLSCO01]
  • Box type cooker with 3 bowls
  • Can cook almost all food items within 1-2 hours
  • Healthier and tastier food due to slow & natural cooking
  • Saving in cost of Cooking Gas
Solar Inverters
  • Provides 240V power supply to run home electrical appliances
  • Uses Solar power generated by Solar panels placed on the roof
  • Solar charging can be provided also to existing battery inverters already installed in the house
  • Available in various capacities
Solar Heater
  • Uses natural heat of the Sun to generate hot water for domestic use
  • Saves significant amount of electricity cost
  • Uses Evacuated Glass Tube Collectors and Stainless Steel Tank
  • Ideal for people moving around in sunlight
  • Available in capacities of 100 L, 200 L, 500 L etc
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