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Mathematics Lab kits
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Mathematics Kit Junior

It contains the following articles :-
mkj06MKJ01. Set of 12 Geometrical Figures size 5 x 10 cms  per set Rs. 405.00
MKJ02. Geometrical Instruments Box plastic Superior  each Rs. 475.00
  1. Tape for learning measurement 3 meter  each Rs. 100.00
  2. Jug & beaker 50 ml to 1000 ml Set of 5   per set Rs. 1100.00
  3. Wall Thermometer on plastic base  each Rs. 180.00
  4. Hemical Thermometer 30 cm.  each Rs. 100.00
  5. Kitchen Balance each Rs. 540.00

3 2MKJ04. Geoboard made of transparent plastic
Can be used on OHP with rubber bandseach Rs. 210.00
MKJ05. Abacus Wooden 30 cmeach Rs. 380.00
MKJ06. Fiber Dummy Clock for teaching
Reading of Time on a Clock each Rs. 175.00
MKJ07. Skip counting game with marblesper set Rs. 280.00
MKJ08. Count your own designer fraction made of rubber foam set of 72 Triangles in 3 colors
MKJ09. Pattern making with plastic triangles of 3 different sizes
MKJ10. Game of Place Value
MKJ11. Charts for Arithmetic 50 x 75 cm
MP01. English Numericaleach Rs. 100.00
MP02. Additioneach Rs. 100.00
MP03. Subtractioneach Rs. 100.00
MP04. Multiplication                          each Rs. 100.00
MP05. Division each Rs. 100.00
MP06. Multiplication Table each Rs. 100.00
MP07. Roman Numerical Charteach Rs.100.00
MKJ12. Magnet Fraction Disc with Magnetic Boardeach Rs. 400.00
MKJ13. Transparencies set of 10per set Rs. 840.00    

MKJ14. PVC charts for practicing size 67 x 100 cm Numerical

Multiplication Table & Graph 2 cm set of 3per set Rs. 290.00


MKJ15. Half Meter Scale Wooden each Rs.50.00
MKJ16.Set of Pearl Marbles • 400 pcs. per set Rs. 610.00
MKJ17. Plastic Moulds : Geometrical Shapes set of 12 with 2 pkts of clay  per set Rs. 210.00
MKJ18. Set of Cups   per set Rs. 105.00
MKJ19. Junior Pythagorus Theorem. Made of Acrylic
each Rs. 225.00
MKJ20. Geometrical stencils : 10 shapes of plane figure

Geometrical Stencils
size 18 x 22 cmper set Rs. 540.00
MKJ-1 All the above items, packed in a kit Rs. 8100.00 set

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