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Mathematics Kit Senior

It contains the following articles :-
1MKS01. Geoboard made of transparent plastic can be used on OHP with rubber band MKS02. Magnet Fraction Disc with Magnetic Board made of rubber foam to teach circle and its parts with screen printingeach Rs. 400.00
MKS03. Set of 400 pearl marbles per set Rs. 610.00
MKS04. Pythagorus Theorem formula derivation as practical game a2+b2=c2 each Rs. 675.00
MKS05. Banking Dummy Cheque Book & Dummy pay-in-slipper set Rs. 170.00
MKS06. Charts printed on Polyart set of 5 each size 70 x 100 cm
Mensuration Chart

  1. Graph Chat Laminated2
  2. Shapes and Figures (Description of Figures with their angles and construction)
  3. Chart of Math symbol
  4. Algebra identitiesper set Rs. 1125.00

MKS07. Derivation of the value of pie sire 28 cmeach Rs. 190.00
MKS08. Set of cups with volumetric scale printed each Rs. 120.00
MKS09. Cubes of Algebra for Teachers use size 3.5 cm. set of 125 cubes   per set Rs. 560.00
MKS10. Mensuration kit: for understanding the following
  1. Area of ParallelogramCHART
  2. Area of Triangle set ot 3
  3. Area of Rhombus
  4. Area of Trapezium
  5. Mid Point Theorem
  6. Area of a circle
  7. Properties of Parallelogram
  8. Quadrilateral formed by the mid points of a quadrilateral
  9. Algebraic identity set of cubes    per set Rs. 2800.00
MKS11. Set of 15 chats on Mathematics for upper primary Rs. 1050.00
MKS12. Sextant modelRs. 675.00
Theodolite modelRs. 825.00
MKS14. Optical Square Brass Rs. 350.00
MKS15. Cross Vetical Staff BrassRs. 475.00
MKS16. Vernier CaliperRs. 440.00
MKS17. Model Standard Time IndicatorRs. 485.00
MKS18. Metal wired Tape 15 meterRS. 270.00
MKS19. Rain Gauge BrassRs. 1080.00
MKS20. Angle in a circle & its pat Rs. 130.00
MKS-1 All the above items, packed In a kit Rs. 13000.00 set

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