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Geography and History .Civics

RR101 RELIEF PLASTIC TOPOGRAPHICAL LAND FROM MAPS: These raised relief maps have been specially selected to illustrate topographical development through rough variety of erosive and depositional agents. All the seven maps have been specially selected to show all types of land form features in actual relief (Set of 7) Size 86x52
per set Rs. 16500/-

ALPINE GLACIER MODEL : Consists of two parts heavy plastic overlay of mountains terrain in rock color with snow and ice mass in white, second model of the same terrain show post glacial conditions.Size 45x60 cms (505) per set Rs. 6600/-

MAPREADINGMODEL: Teaches basic map reading how to determine location, elevation and understand scales and symbols. Each package includes a plastic terrain model with 5 corresponding stacking colour sheets. Size 25x25x5 cms per set Rs.6600/-

PLANET MODEL: This eye - caching 3D wall model is a great way to generate interest in the solar system. All eight planets are to scale respectively, and it even displays Satun's ringl Approximate with hanging grommets molded into the plaque itself. An informative Teacher's Guide is included. Size 60X90 cms per set Rs. 13750/-

OCEAN FEATURES: Relief Map of North Atlantic ocean shows typical portion of Ocean Floor. It is easy to identify all the major Ocean Features.Size 45x60 cms (605) per set Rs. 7260/-

LANDFORM MODEL: For investigation of   Geog / Geol Features.   Land form Models join to   form a continuous 3'x3' model and provide the Mountains, Lakes,   Rivers,   Deserts,   Glaciers.   Coastlines. Canyons and cultural point with lesson plan. (510) per set Rs. 13750/-

WEATHER MODEL: This is basically a weather map shown in three dimension. It represents a typical warm front and cold front showing the early stage of a cyclonic storm development. The front surface is shown by a transparent plastic form with the cold front in blue and the warm front in red. Size 30x45 cms lesson plan  per set Rs. 7260/-

COMPARATIVE TERRAIN MODEL: Set of 2 color land-form models Each includes and overlay representing ancient mountain form that can be removed & compared with the base model. Size 45x60 cms per set Rs. 7260/-

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