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Geography and History .Civics


These model are of very high quality made of organic composite material (Synthetic Rexine) with color ink sprayed, bright colours & rigid ness.

M3417 MODEL OF ISLAND FORMATION: This model involves four types of island formation, namely, continental island, coral island, volcanic island and alluvial island. The origins of coral island and volcanic island are represented in the methods of plane & section modeling. Size57X41X13cm. Rs.3575/- perset

M3343 FOLD & FAULT MODEL (Folding Tectonics and Its Land form Evolution): Model of Folding including two arts, or five pieces, demonstrating following contents:
i) Original attitude of rock stratum-horizontal rock stratum and its age distribution-older from up to down.
ii) The change of naked rock stratum after the action of external force: the longer the action, the older the rock,
iii) The land form feature formed by folding tectonics and the
change of land form.Size 45x20x14cm  Rs. 6875/-per sat

M3414 FAULT MODEL (Diastrophism Model): - Shows tectonic structure & Diastrophism in Geology. Display the age of different earth bedding & tratification.Rs.2750/- per set

M3413 FOLD MODEL (Diastrophism Demo Model): - Represents the relative  position  of the  earth's  crust  to  the  asthenosphere; demonstrate the folding transformation and the basic forms of the crust.  Rs.2750/-perset

M3341M0DEL OF PLATE TECTONICS AND LAND FORM  DEVELOPMENT: - The five sides of the model represents different contents and vividly illustrates the formation of the basic forms of the earth's Surface- the deep-sea trench along the Western edge of Pacific, island arc chain, Himalayas, mid-oceanic ridge and submarine volcano; origin of folding and fracture-folded chains are formed by Hie plate collision size 50x31x15cm Rs 4675/- perset

M3342 FOLD, FAULT & VOLCANO MODEL:- It is three-dimensional model of natural relief of oceans and continents consisting of the seven sectional loose-leaf plates, namely, water circulation, water balance, the earth's crust and its motion, crust structure, groundwater, diving of oceani plates and underground heat. Rs.6875/- perset

M3409 MODEL FOR CONTOUR MAP INTERPRETATION:- Various land forms are represented in layered three-dimension according to the contour map. The selected contents for this product include: crest, edge, valley, saddle, precipice, stream, alluvial apron, flat slop and abrupt slope. Contour lines are depicted on the model surface, below which there are several dismount able layers. Size60x40cm Rs.3465/-perset

M3340 FAULT FOLDING DEMO MODEL: - The model consists of three parts: The movable left part can be dismantled to demonstrate thefault, and the upper part can be taken off to display the distinct tectonic geomorphology of anticlinal valley and synclinal mountain formed by the erosion of external force. Rs. 3000/- perset

M3344 FOLDING, TECTONIC & LAND FORM EVOLUTION MODEL The land form  features formed by folding tectonics and the change Of landformaflertheactionofexternalforce. Rs. 2750/- perset

M3355MODEL OF VOLCANO This is an imported high quality model of Volcano showing a Volcano cut into half thus exposing its internal structure in great detail. Size : 45x18x19 cm.Rs. 2250/- per set

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