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Physics Lab Apparutus
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Lab. Instruments

Plug keys: - Thick Brass blocks mounted on bakelite base. Brass plugs & lugs are thoroughly interlaped for perfect locking. Plug head is machine moulded. Brass terminals are provided on blocks. Type of keys available:-1 way, 2 way, 3 way, 4 way & 6 way, all individually packed in duplex box.

aReversing key :- MIP type, 4 segments of brass are mounted on round bakelite base. Multi brush sweeping contacts move over the either segment with a handle. Brass terminals are provided for 4 segments and on contact blocks.

Resistance Coils :- Specially designed hexagonal shape of the box made from Bakelite material. A non-inductively
wound coil of double silk covered constantan wire is housed in box. 2 brass terminals are provided on the top & value of each coil is shown. Accuracy of coil +0.1%. Range available

 High Resistance Coils also available

aTangent Galvanometer:- For measuring current or Horizontal Component of Earth's Field. Consists of a bakelite ring 170 mm dia & windings either 2-5-50 or 2-50-500 turns, connected to heavy brass terminals, with turns indicated. The ring is mounted on round bakelite base which rotates on an aluminium tripod base fitted with 3
levelling screws. A sensitive, permanent magnet compass is mounted on base pillar & freely rotates on it.

apotentiometers 10 wire with pencil jockey (one meter):- Comprises 10 constantan wire 24 SWG, 1
meter long & clamped under thick brass strips. Each block is fitted with heavy lock type brass terminal and whole assembly is mounted on an 18mm thick, both side laminated wooden board, supported on 4
strong feet. Complete with Pencil jockey. Potentiometer 6 wire & potentiometer 4 wire with pencil jockey or Spring Type press jockey also available.
aMeter Bridge / Wheat Stone Bridge :- 4 gaps or 2 gaps type, mounted on a heavy 18mm thick both side laminated wooden board. 9 brass terminals are provided to reduce resistance. A one meter, 24 SWG constantin wire is stretched along the top of wooden meter scale. Supplied with Pencil Jockey.

aBattery Eleminators :- A safe & reliable source of low voltage DC output. Consist of a heavy duty transformer wound with copper wire & laminated to avoid losses. Rotary selector switch & bridge rectifier, complete with Safety Fuse & Jewel light. Output 2 to 12 volts at 1 amp or 2 amps or 3 amps. Workable on 230 volts AC 50 hz.

Battery Eleminator IC regulated (stabilized) :- New Model IC stabilized, no change in output voltage in on-load and off-load position. Provided with output probe, selector switch, fuse & jewel light. Output 2-12 volts at 1 amp or 2 amps or 3 amps.Workable on 230 volts AC 50 hz.

aDaniel Cell:- For use in open or close circuit works. It consists of a thick zinc rod and an empty porous pot, both of which are placed in a copper pot of approx. size 514" x 3/4". Simple Cell & Laclanchee Cells are also available.

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