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Geography and History .Civics Maps

GCM01 HEAVENLY BODIES: Showing all the nine Planets & their Natural Satellites, Constellations of the Zodiac symbols. Local Group of Galaxies, Physical Datas of planets and stars in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.
GCM02 SOLAR SYSTEM: Showing the Milky Way, Sun & Planets according to size and distances, description of Satellites, Comets and Meteors
GCM03 EARTH & ITS MOTIONS: Clearly depicting the shape & size of the Earth, the phenomenon of Day & Night, Seasons, Solar & Lunar Eclipses, Tides, Longitudes & Latitudes, Time Zones etc.
GCMO4 STRUCTURE OF THE EARTH: Density & temperature of Different Earth shells, Behaviour of earthquake waves, folds & faults.
GCM05 ROCKS & MINERALS: Showing rocks related to tectonic plates. Types of Rocks, Composition of Earth's crust, Rock cycle and types of Minerals.
GCM06 ATMOSPHERE & SPACE: showing Formation, Layers of Atmosphere, Temperature. Pressure and composition of Earth's atmosphere, Green House effect, Radiation Belt, Distribution of Solar Energy.
GCM07 PRESSURE & WINDS: Showing Pressure zones, Vertical and horizontal Air circulation, Cyclones, Anticyclones, Tropical cyclones, July and January Monsoons, Pressure belts & Trade Winds.
GCMO8 WEATHER MAP SYMBOLS: Showing the symbols of various types of clouds, Weather and wind conditions. Sea conditions.
GCM09 OCEAN: Showing topography of Ocean floor, Vertical distribution of ocean life. Tsunami, Coastline feature and Map of ocean currents.


GCM10 SURVEYING: Clearly depicting in diagrams & letters. Chain Tape Survey & Plane Table Survey, various instruments required & the technique.
GCM11  CONVENTIONAL SIGNS: Depicting in diagrams and letters various conventional signs of communications, water bodies, religious places etc. as shown on maps.

GCM12 MAP PROJECTIONS . each Rs.100.00
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